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    Reading comprehension- E7 (03)

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      13. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word to complete this passage
    Trung is a (1)______in class 7A1. His full (2)______is Pham Quoc Trung. He is 13 years old now, but he will be 14 on his next (3)______. Trung lives with his (4)______at 46 Nguyen Trai Street. Trung’s house isn’t big but it’s very (5)______. It (6)______a living room, two lovely bedrooms, modern bathroom and (7) a______. There is a small (8)______in front of his house. Trung’s mother (9)______flowers in the yard. Trung (10)______his house very much.
    1. student 2. name 3. birthday 4. parents 5. comfortable
    6. has 7. kitchen 8. yard 9. grows 10. loves

    14. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each blank in the following passage
    (1)…….the United States, many adults and children…..(2)…..overweight. Some people eat……..(3)……food at meals. They also eat snacks between meals. Sometimes people eat healthy snacks like fruit or vegetables….(4)….many Americans eat a lot of junk food such as cookies, candy and potato chips. Eating junk food can….(5)…….people gain weight. People also gain weight…….(6)…...they don’t get enough………..(7)………People need to walk, run, ride bicycles, or walk out in health clubs and gyms. When people exercise, they……..(8)…. good and have more energy. A good diet and exercise will help you……..(9)….a long and………(10)…….life.

    A. on B. In C. At D. from
    A. is B. was C. were D. are
    A. too many B. too much C. few D. plenty
    A. but B. because C. although D. so that
    A. get B. lead C. urge D. make
    A. so B. however C. but D. because
    A. exercises B. work C. money D. energy
    A. make B. taste C. have D. feel
    A. live B. lives C. living D. to living
    A. health B. safe C. fair D. healthy

    1. B. In 2. D. are 3. B. too much 4. A. but 5. D. make
    6. D. because 7. A. exercises 8. D. feel 9.A. live 10. D. healthy

    15. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word to complete this passage
    Americans like sport very much. One of the (1)............. popular kinds of sports in Autumn is football. All the high schools(2)........... universities have their own teams.
    In winter the most popular kind of sports (3)........... basketball. There is usually a match every evening in one school gymnasium or another. In some parts of the United States there is a lot of (4).............. and ice. Many people like skiing and skating.
    In the other two (5).............., millions of Americans enjoy baseball. The schools have their games in (6)..............., but the most important professional games are played during summer. Many people listen to the games (7) .......... the radio, watch them on television or read about them (8) .............. the newspapers.
    Some also play tennis or golf and others (9) ......... fishing. They like to stay outdoors (10)........it is warm during the months of June, July and August.

    1. most 2. and 3. is 4. snow 5. seasons
    6. spring 7. on 8. in/on 9. go 10. because

    16. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each blank in the following passage
    Dear Linda,
    I’m writing to apologize for not____(61)____sooner and to ask if you would like ____(62)____to dinner next Saturday. As you know, we ____(63)____into our new house next week. ____(64)____we think we would ____(65)____to have a small house-warming party.
    I enclose here a little map of the area____(66)____you. As you can see, our house is very ____(67)____the station. When you come ____(68)____the station, turn right, and right again. ____(69)____the first turning on your
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